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Parent Advisory Council
โ€‹โ€‹How Do I Become Involved In My Child's School?  

Parent Advisory Councils (PAC) are the formal "voice" of parents to provide input to schools in British Columbia.  All parents/guardians of children attending each school are automatically  members of this important council.   

It is our hope that all of our parents will get involved in this important group.  At Webber  Road Elementary, monthly meetings and other activities are planned and organized by  your executive. 

The PAC is dedicated to the education and well being of the child.  The primary mandate of the PAC shall be to promote and support education, to contribute to a sense of community, to encourage effective  communication between home and school, to foster meaningful parent participation, and to strengthen the  role of families in educational activities and decision making in the school.


โ€‹The Webber Road Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of our students parents who volunteer their time to help out at school. The function of the PAC is to provide an avenue for parental input regarding the operation and administration of our school. Parental attendance and participation is encouraged at the PAC meetings. Occasionally parent in-service sessions, led by guest speakers, are held in conjunction with the PACโ€‹ meetings to provide parents with such opportunities as continuing education in parenting skills and promoting the wellbeing of our children. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at:

โ€‹What Does Our PAC Do?

-    provides assistance with curricular and extra-curricular activities
-    coordinates a hot lunch program
-    hosts a Staff Appreciation Luncheon
-    liaison with/between school/media/parents
-    helps plan school events such as the Winter Carnival
-    helps set long term objectives and goals for the school
-    Coordinates fundraising events such as:  Halloween Sales, Magazine Sales and Renewals, Book Fair, Family Photo Night,  and the Recycling Program

The PAC thrives on your parental involvement to put on the few major fund raising activities hosted throughout the year. Contact if you want to volunteer.
For current Fundraisers, click the picture:   tbird_bannersfundraising banner.jpg
Parent Advisory Council Positions:

Vice President



CoPac Representative

Members at Large

Past President