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Homework Tips
​​Homework is a Part of a Child's Education
It is an opportunity to practice their skills learned in school.  Here are ten pieces of advice to help with homework.
1. Be Prepared for School.
Being prepared is the first step to success.  Keep a supply of paper, pens, and pencils so you can bring them to school and use them for homework.  Check with the teacher to see if there are specific supplies needed for the year.

2. Prepare a Quiet Space for Homework.
Set aside a quiet place where you can study and do homework without being disturbed.

3. Read!
Read every day for twenty minutes.  Make books a part of every holiday and birthday list.

4. Stay in touch with the Teacher.
Make an appointment to talk with your child's teacher - you don't have to wait for them to contact you.

5. Know your School District.
All school districts provide students and parents with a calendar containing important dates and information on policies, procedures, and more.  Homework guidelines and parent involvement tips are often included.

6. Visit your Public Library.
The public library is a good source of information.  Most libraries have computers which you can use to do research and type assignments, and librarians are always willing to help point you in the right direction.

7. Take advantage of the City of West Kelowna.
Kelowna and the surrounding areas offer a variety of resources that can add a new dimension to learning.  Go to local museums, historical sites, parks, libraries, and performance theatres to fulfill your love of learning.

8. Learn from Life.
You can learn a lot from the people and things around you every day.  Pay attention to newspaper articles, street signs, and billboards and discuss what they mean or represent with your parents.

9. Use After-School Time Productively.
Find out about after-school homework programs at school, tutoring at a local site, and recreation center activities such as Parkinson Recreation Centre.

10. Keep Track of Assignments.
Use your daily planner wisely.  Write down each day's homework and keep track of long-term assignments and their due dates in your planner. Check to see that homework is completed each day.

​​Need more HELP?  Click on the following document:

 A Framework for Homework.pdfA Framework for Homework.pdf